Best Tech Tips to Stay Healthy as an Entrepreneur

As a small business owner, it might seem like there's not enough time in the day for taking care of your own health.  With employees and customers to take care of, a never-ending list of projects, and your business' bottom-line to worry about, your health can fall down the list of priorities.  However, keeping healthy is not only beneficial to your own body and mind but can have a positive impact on your effectiveness in the workplace.  Even better, there's more technology than ever to help you keep a healthy (yet still productive) lifestyle.


Samsung Health.png

1)  Samsung Health

Samsung Health is a free Android app available on Google Play that helps you build a healthy lifestyle by automatically recording your daily activities, motivating you with personalized goal programs, and monitoring your exercise, eating, and sleeping patterns.

Competition in the business world can be healthy and the same can be said with the Samsung Health app.  The app gives you a way to challenge your friends and compete against other users, even if you don't stick to the same gym schedule!

Part of the challenge on the journey to a healthier lifestyle is knowing where to start.  There can be a lot of health information online that can sometimes be so overwhelming and time-consuming.  Samsung Health compiles relevant health advice, workout tips, and other health-related stories to read, right within the app so you can focus more on your workout.

Eating habits, workout routines and sleep schedules are very personal pieces of information that should be kept private.  You can rest assured that Samsung Health offers multiple layers of security, keeping you safe from external attacks, malicious code, nasty viruses and device rooting.


Apple Watch Series 3.png

2)  Apple Watch Series 3

Being a business owner means being on call 24/7 for your team and customers, even when you're on a run or at the gym.  With the Apple Watch Series 3, you can keep productive while at your workout since the device can connect to both the TELUS LTE Cellular network and Wi-Fi networks for calls, text, email, and more (even when you're away from your iPhone).

With Siri built into Apple Watch Series 3, you can also set reminders, get directions, or dictate Notes with your voice without even touching your watch or iPhone.  It takes a couple tries to get used to but building Siri into your workouts can be a major time saver!

Finally, Apple Watch Series 3 includes the Workout and Activity apps to track your workouts and activity levels throughout your busy day.  The device helps you set personalized goals to keep you motivated towards a healthier you!

Apple Watch Series 3 will be available through TELUS later this year.


My Fitness Pal.png

3)  My Fitness Pal

Being healthy isn't just about how much work you put in at the gym.  Medical studies have shown that tracking what you eat with a food journal can double your weight loss and help you keep it off!

My Fitness Pal is free app and community, available on Google Play and the App Store that makes it easy to log your food using the world's largest nutrition and calorie database.  You can quickly add and log recipes from across the web and the app will calculate how many calories should eat to stay on track for the rest of your day.

Within the app, you set your current weight and your desired goal weight.  The app then gives you a daily calorie goal that you strive to keep under by tracking everything you eat and drink every day.  Stay under your calorie goal for long enough and you're much more likely to lose the weight often associated to a sedentary office lifestyle.

Like forming any habit, it takes effort to build a new app into your routine but using My Fitness Pal regularly is an entrepreneurs best bet at achieving a healthy lifestyle.


What's your favourite healthy lifestyle app?  Let us know in the comments and be sure to share this post with your friends and colleagues!