Working @ Tom Harris Cellular (Sam Bahre)

Have you ever thought about working at Tom Harris Cellular?  It's common practice to research companies before taking the next step in your career so we thought we'd give you some insight on what it's like to work here by sharing job reviews from people across our organization.


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Sam Bahre, Regional Manager (Metro Vancouver)


How long have you worked at Tom Harris?

Sam:  I have worked at Tom Harris for over 11 years.


What’s your current role at Tom Harris?

Sam:  I am currently the Regional Manager for our Metro Vancouver region which spans between Squamish, BC through Chilliwack, BC.


What do you love most about working at Tom Harris?

Sam:  Trust. This company puts great trust in all of their employees to take an entrepreneur style approach within their market. Despite how large I’ve witnessed the company grow from the 17 stores in June, 2006 to 40+ stores including a large Telus Business Solutions team today, we empower our employees to take ownership of the success of the store and inspire ideas that are unique in all of our cellular store locations. This approach has allowed stores to grow our business by placing the customers first and giving back to the community.


What’s the leadership team like at Tom Harris?

Sam:  The most important thing someone can offer is time and what’s impressive is that our leadership team continues to offer up their time to dedicate team & individual development to all levels of our company. I feel members of our leadership team are extremely approachable and when time has passed since seeing them last, we can always pick up where we left off which is rare to find in company’s that are always growing.


How would you describe the culture at Tom Harris?

Sam:  Our company vision is “To be so remarkable that our customers will recommend us to others.” Why stop at just our customers? What I see here at Tom Harris is the word remarkable is something we all strive for not only for our customers but also with our peers. We fortunately are not setup like a big box store where we have 20-30 employees that work throughout the week on rotation. I say fortunately because our stores are setup in a way where we have 3-4 employees running the ship and what this allows is for more of a family-feel within our stores. It strengthens teamwork as well as builds long lasting friendships in and out of our stores.


Do you feel supported in your role?  What type of support have you received?

Sam:  Absolutely, without a doubt! I can confidently say I wouldn’t be in the position I am today if it wasn’t for the folks who dedicated their time to me to help me develop as a strong member of the retail sale team, management team and now regional management team. I started out with this company taking on a full time sales position in the summer of 2006 to then work part-time in the fall and balance studies. That turned into me growing with the company over 11 years ago and having made working at Tom Harris into a career that has helped support myself and my growing family. Thank you Tom Harris!


What learning opportunities have you had over the past year?

Sam:  If there is one constant within our industry it’s change! With that change our business must adapt and I would say each year I’ve worked for this company there has never been a dull moment. Those moments have always been a learning opportunity for me to either experience something that I’m either 100% confident on how to handle or something new where I get excited about stepping up to the plate to learn, understand and expose my team with so that the learning is passed forward. Speaking of team, it’s always great to involve team members on any new learning opportunities.


What excites you most about the future of the company?

Sam:  What excites me most is that I’ve been able to witness many changes in our business over the years and if there is one word to describe what I’ve witnessed, it’s growth. Growth not only with the number of cellular stores in BC and cellular stores in AB, but growth with the people I’ve witnessed develop over the years including having the privilege of being a part of people’s development within and outside of our business. Our company does not hesitate to change and focuses on how to make things happen vs. waiting to follow others within our industry. This comes with some tough decisions, however, in the long term it’s been beneficial for the betterment of our people and business.


Is there anything else that you’d like to share?

Sam:  I love working for Tom Harris! Working here has had the biggest impact on my life both at work and in my personal life.


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