6 Things You'll Love About the BlackBerry Motion

6 Things You'll Love About the BlackBerry Motion

The reviews are in and the new BlackBerry Motion is a hit with businesses!  Available in Canada on TELUS & Koodo, the BlackBerry Motion is the next BlackBerry device released by TCL Communications under the BlackBerry Mobile brand after the BlackBerry KEYone earlier this year.  There's a lot to love about this new device and we've listed some of our favourite features so far.


1.  100% Fully Android Experience


The BlackBerry Motion comes with Android 7.1 Nougat and your favourite Google apps built-in, like Google Chrome, Google Maps, Google Photos, and Gmail.  An Android operating system also means having access to over a million different apps on Google Play, so you can customize your BlackBerry to your liking.

On top of Android, there's the familiar BlackBerry apps like BlackBerry Hub, BBM, and that sweet virtual BlackBerry Keyboard built-in to the BlackBerry Motion.

BlackBerry Motion Tom Harris Cellular TELUS Koodo.png

2.  5.5" Scratch-Resistant Display


There's nothing worse than getting a deep scratch across the screen of your otherwise pristine device.  Accessories like tempered glass screen protectors and spray-on scratch defense definitely help but it's reassuring when you know that your screen is going to stay scratch-free.  The BlackBerry Motion includes a proprietary nano-diamond anti-scratch coating that's going to protect it from the keys in your pocket. 



3.  Unmatched Battery Power


We've all been there.  You're on a late-afternoon conference call, nervously watching your battery indicator slip into the red zone. 

After a busy day at work, many smartphone users are used to this sort of situation.  The BlackBerry Motion on the other hand, features a 4000 mAh battery with over 32 hours of battery life!  And, if you forget to charge your phone for a day or two, you can get a quick charge with BlackBerry Boost mode (found in the Settings).



4.  Plenty of Privacy Features


It wasn't long ago that many people carried two different smartphones to separate their work and personal lives.  These days, using a single device for both work and your personal escapades is the new norm.  The BlackBerry Motion comes with Locker Mode which helps you keep your weekend selfies, photos, and private documents secure with your fingerprint.

Another great privacy feature, especially for anyone used to sitting close to strangers on long business trips, is the BlackBerry Privacy Shade feature.  Privacy Shade blacks out your screen and gives you a small spotlight to view the private and sensitive content on your screen, keeping your business data safe and secure.

BlackBerry Motion Tom Harris Cellular TELUS Koodo 1.png

5.  Impressive Camera


Our tech-veteran readers will remember the days of using a BlackBerry without a camera.  We sure do! 

A lot has changed since then, with the BlackBerry Motion now sporting an impressive 12MP main camera with large pixel auto-focus and 4K video recording.  On the front, the BlackBerry Motion features an 8MP camera with wide angle lens, LED flash, and a panorama selfie mode.

It wouldn't be BlackBerry if it wasn't business so the camera also includes a built-in scanner to save digital copies of documents, business cards and receipts (perfect for tax season).  There's even a whiteboard capture feature so you can carefully decipher the scribbles from your last meeting when you're back at the office.



6.  Smart Convenience Key


If you've ever compared apps with your friends or work colleagues, you've realized that everyone customizes and uses their devices in different ways.  The BlackBerry Motion takes this sort of customization a step further with a Smart Convenience Key.  It's a physical button on the right side of the device that you can set to bring up apps and functions that you use most often. 

You can even customize the button to be based on your location.  For example, program the button to launch the camera when you're at home but launch your favourite music app when you're in the car.  Very smart!



Whether you were a BlackBerry loyalist, still are true to the brand, or have never tried one, we think that the BlackBerry Motion is definitely worth considering as your next smartphone!