Hello Business World

Well, we’re about 20 years late to the blogosphere but figured we couldn’t hold onto our business and technology wisdom any longer!  So this is it, the official launch of our Business Blog and we’re super excited to get started!


What our blog is about:

Our blog will be another place where we’ll share insights into how new emerging technologies can help you and your business- I mean, we do have over 20 years of business communications experience after all.  We’ll cover topics important to Canadian entrepreneurs, startups, and business owners such as how to safeguard your data, apps to keep productive, and even how to keep healthy despite a busy lifestyle.

You can also expect to read about what it’s like to work at Tom Harris Cellular (hint: it’s awesome), updates on our company’s growth, and what changes to Canada’s communication industry could mean to you.

What our blog isn’t going to be about is selling you things.  Yes, we’re a business and the topics that we’re going to cover are relevant to our industry- some of them we may even offer but we promise that our posts won’t be long-winded advertisements in disguise.  We’ve started this blog as another way to share our expertise with the business masses.  If you happen to need more information on anything we share, we’re happy to help.

We encourage you to comment on our blog posts with your thoughts and please be sure to share them with your friends through social media!


A little about Tom Harris Cellular:

Since 1987, we’ve grown to become Canada’s largest and most trusted TELUS dealer through our dedication to providing remarkable service.  Starting from just a couple of locations on Vancouver Island, you can find our locations across Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and Okanagan in BC, as well as Edmonton, Calgary and Southern Alberta. 

Our very experienced Business Solutions team, which was recently awarded Canada’s Business Excellence Dealer of the Year by TELUS in 2016, is continuing to grow alongside our retail operations in British Columbia and Alberta.

We carry a wide range of solutions for your business including Wireless, Unified Communications, Fleet Tracking, Workforce solutions, Mobile Device Management (Maas360), network solutions including Smart Hubs and more!

Looking forward to sharing our expertise on these solutions and more topics through the blog!  Thanks for reading.