Top 4 Ways to Transform Your Vehicle into a Productivity Powerhouse

Top 4 Ways to Transform Your Vehicle into a Productivity Powerhouse

Whether you’re commuting to the office or work from the road, professionals are spending more time in their vehicles than ever before.  Keeping productive so your time on the road isn’t wasted is especially important when you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, independent contractor, or sales manager.  Thankfully, there are a variety of gadgets and apps to transform your vehicle into a productivity powerhouse so you’re not left behind.

weBoost 4G Drive-S Kit

Say goodbye to dropped calls, poor call quality, and slow internet.  The weBoost Drive 4G-S enhances the voice, text, and data cellular signals for any 4G device.  Doubling as a car mount cradle, the kit provides stronger signals, longer battery life, and clear connections so you can crush your conference call while you’re stuck in traffic.

weBoost describes this as the perfect device, “for the person on the road needing a reliable signal for talk & text and high-speed internet. You can’t deal with another dropped call while driving. Everyone sounds like they’re at the bottom of the ocean. Text messages get stuck and unsent. And internet moves slower than a checkout line.”


MileIQ is a Microsoft app available on iOS and Android that automatically tracks, logs, and reports on your vehicle mileage.  It knows when you’re driving and creates a record of your trips then sends you a weekly report for expense tracking and track deductions.

The app lets you swipe right for business drives or left for personal drives and has an option to add details like parking, tolls, or drive purposes to suit your needs.

MileIQ is free with an Office 365 Business Premium subscription, otherwise is $4.99/mo when billed annually but has “saved millions of drivers billions of dollars.”



Kenu Airframe+

This car mount helps keep your smartphone safely in sight at eye level, meaning you don’t have to fumble to answer calls from your clients.  GPS-directions, heads-free calling, and streaming music is easy when your smartphone is in place on your dash.

The Kenu Airframe+ features a spring loaded expandable jaw which supports a full range of smartphones with screens up to 6-inches, meaning iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung S8+ users don’t need to worry.  The mount rotates 180 degrees and can clip to any vent, keeping your car scratch free.



This crowd-sourced navigation app is owned by Google and uses real-time information from other users to alert you of traffic jams and other issues on your commute.  Waze alerts you before you approach police, accidents, road hazards or traffic jams in real-time.  They describe the app as a “personal heads-up from a few million of your friends on the road.”

Waze even lets you see where your work colleagues might be to help coordinate who’s picking up coffee for the meeting.  Community-shared gas prices also help you find the cheapest station to fill up on your route, saving you some serious money as a road warrior.

Waze is available on iOS and Android.


Do you have a favourite accessory or app for keeping productive in your vehicle?  Let us know in the comments!