Top 5 task-crushing tips and apps for entrepreneurs

Top 5 task-crushing tips and apps for entrepreneurs

Being as productive as possible is key to growing your new business but it can sometimes be challenging to stay focused.  Social media, text messages, and emails are constantly pulling you away from your to-do list.  Thankfully, we’ve detailed some of our favourite tips and apps to help you cut out the noise and keep focused on moving your business forward.


1. Cross-off your least desirable and simple tasks right away

Don’t drag yourself down by letting undesirable or simple tasks build up.  Don’t waste time scheduling these for a later date either.  Just get them out of the way first so you can move on to bigger and better things.



2. Evernote (iOS and Android)

This app lets you capture and organize lists from all of your devices.  The organization features in Evernote are incredible.  You can search handwritten lists, collaborate to-do lists with teams (see our next tip on delegation), and link tasks together from other lists.


3. Delegate, delegate, delegate

Empower your employees to execute on your vision and delegate a chunk of your to-do list.  This is not only going to help you move at a faster pace but your employees will appreciate the chance to take on new responsibilities to develop.  Using apps like Evernote (above) can help keep everyone accountable and on task.


4. Siri Reminders (iOS)

Let’s face it… we all mean to create to-do lists but setting aside the time can be a challenge.  That’s where setting Reminders with Siri on your iPhone and iPad can be a big help. 

It couldn’t be easier.  Just wake up Siri by saying, “Hey Siri” (iPhone 6S or later) or holding down the Home button then ask Siri to remind you of your task. 

For example, saying “Hey Siri, remind me to email Jeff tomorrow morning at 9 am about the contract” would trigger a Reminder tomorrow at 9 am with the subject, “Email Jeff about the contract.”


5.  Get away from the office

Kickstart your creativity by working in different creative spaces like coffee shops or parks.  Sometimes a change of environment can help refocus your mind.  With video conferencing, working remotely is quickly becoming the new norm for many companies (more on this with our next featured app).


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Bonus:  Business Connect Meetings (iOS and Android)

Easily host remote project management meetings with your team through the Business Connect desktop and mobile apps.  Invite participants to meetings with unique URLs that can be sent through text message or email.  While on calls, you can seamlessly switch from video conferencing to sharing your desktop files and audio.  Best of all, you can record your meetings so no one is left guessing what their next steps are afterwards.


Do you have your own task-crushing tips?  Let us know in the comments!