5 Smartphone Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

5 Smartphone Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Smartphones are becoming more advanced every day with plenty of apps and features that you rely on.  While all smartphones come with a basic user guide to get the most from your device, it's only with experience that you learn the most useful tips to actually make your life easier.

We've compiled some of the latest and best smartphone life hacks that will make your life easy and simple.


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Offline Maps

Smartphones are the first thing that people use during their holiday travel. Frequent travelers are used to adding TELUS or Koodo roaming plans for the country they're visiting so they can call, text, and use data without worrying about roaming chargers.

Another alternative is using an offline map app such as Maps.me and Triposo, both of which are highly accurate and functional.  With these apps, you can access maps even if your devices are on flight mode while roaming, without coming home to a bill with hefty roaming charges. You can easily find good restaurant, popular spots, gas stations, grocery stores and coffee shops.


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Afraid you'll lose your phone while on vacation?

While on vacation, it's a good idea to keep your phone close to you. Losing it while away from home could be a disaster.  Plan ahead and keep your information on the lock screen of the phone as a background picture.  Save your name, number and all the contact information on the background picture.  It will be much easier for a good samaritan to return your phone to you if they know how to reach you, especially in a foreign country!


No charger just a cable – NO Problem!

At a friends place but no one seems to have a charger for your phone?  There's no need to stress about it.  As long as you can find a USB cable compatible with your phone, most modern TVs include USB ports that work for charging your device. This hack works great when you only have a cable but the only drawback is that your photo gallery would be accessible with the TV remote.


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Leverage Location-Based Reminders

Do you normally take a nap while commuting to work?  If so, this hack is going to mean never missing your stop again. Most reminder/to-do apps on smartphones now feature location-based reminders, meaning the app uses your location to trigger specific reminders.  

For example, you could set up a reminder to trigger every time you're approaching your bus stop or to trigger a reminder to buy your wife flowers when you leave work.  For location-based reminders to work, GPS and cellular data will need to be enabled on your smartphone.


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Play Safe with Trusted Contacts for Android

Trusted Contacts for Android is designed for your personal safety. Whether you are in emergency or you feel threatened, this app can alert your trusted contacts of your location.

To get started, download this app, add your family and close friends as trusted contacts. This will allow them to request your location and if you accept their location, they can track you down and reach you quickly. The app will even work if your phone has died or ran out of battery.


What smartphone hacks have you discovered?


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