Top 5 Apps to Help You Stick To Your Goals in 2018

Top 5 Apps to Help You Stick To Your Goals in 2018

Setting goals and sticking to them is so important to achieving what you want, both from your business and your own personal life.  Without goals, you risk lacking focus, becoming unmotivated, and without clear direction which is going to get you nowhere.  To give you a little help at becoming your best self this year, we've broken down the top 5 apps to help you stick to your goals.


1.  Mint


Managing your finances well will not only keep you out of expensive debt but will help you save for your future.  Mint (available on iOS and Android) has been helping millions of people become more financially-fit since 2006 through their app.

By linking to your various financial accounts and automatically analyzing your spending, Mint helps you set smart budgets so you can stop spending so much on coffee every day.  It alerts you when bills are due (goodbye late fees) and helps you save money by looking for ways to reduce costs. 

Best of all, the app is free, secure, and encrypts all of your data.



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2.  LoseIt


Losing weight and becoming healthier consistently ranks as the top New Year's resolution so why not get a little help along the way with the LoseIt app?

You get started with LoseIt (available on iOS and Android) by setting your weight goal.  The app then gives you a daily calorie budget and weight loss plan.  After that, you just need to stick to your plan by tracking your food and exercise every day.  It sounds like a lot of work but it's actually not with neat features like a barcode scanner that tells you the nutritional value of most foods.  You can even take a picture of your food and log your calories that way!

The app also connects to fitness trackers like the Apple Watch and Fitbit to automatically track your daily exercise so you can focus on getting fit.



3.  Productive


Working towards your goals often means developing daily habits to keep you on track.  Productive (available on iOS) gives you a way to build better daily routines and keeps you motivated by tracking your streaks of perfect days.

Productive will remind you when it's time to stick to your promises (because let's be honest, life is busy) and motivating weekly summaries to keep you going.  You can schedule habits for your morning, afternoon, or evening routines so the whole 'not having enough time' excuse is kind of a non-starter.



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4.  Todoist


If you're more of a to-do list kind of person, then the Todoist app (available on iOS and Android) is probably what will do the trick.

Todoist features a very simple design to help keep you focused on the tasks at hand (plus, it just looks pretty).  By using the app on your phone, tablet and through the web, you can manage your tasks from basically anywhere.

Team up on complex tasks with multiple deliverables with your co-workers or simple grocery lists with your family (which can sometimes be quite complex too).  You can even see how much of an achiever you are with visual productivity reports!



5.  Podcasts


Turn your morning commute into productive time by subscribing and listening to some of the best self-improvement podcasts.  Whether you're trying to be a better manager for your team, become more motivated at work, upgrade your life, or manage your money, there's a podcast out there that can help.

Just be careful with your cellular data settings!  Many podcast episodes can be upwards of 250 mb which can eat away at your data plan pretty quick.  It's best to change your settings to download episodes over Wi-Fi only to avoid any costly overage charges on your plan.


Do you have a favourite app that keeps you on track with your goals?  Let us know in the comments below!